We’re a team of highly-skilled and relationship-focused therapists that provide effective and fun speech and language therapy.

While we exist for the children we serve, we believe the greatest impact that can be made in a child’s life is in their home.

For this reason, we get to know our children’s families, helping them to feel supported, understood, and cared for in a comfortable environment. We focus on developing family strategies to empower parents to help their children.

When we are working with a family, we don’t see just the child. We envision the future them (the father, the mother, the team member, the sibling) and provide training to help each child experience life to the fullest.

We know that every child has a voice, that every child has something to say, and that being understood is at the heart of a fulfilled and independent life.

That’s why we exist, to empower every family to help their children communicate and belong.

We Value…


We believe that a parent’s relationship with their child shapes and encourages their future. We seek to connect with each child and understand them at their core, for the best therapy we can offer.


We provide training to help each child experience life to the fullest. At Speech4Kids, every team member is proactively focused on positive outcomes and helping each child succeed.


A comfortable, welcoming environment is crucial to nurturing children as they grow. We create a space for team members to focus, children to develop, and parents to support them.


Children flourish when given the emotional space to do so. Our role is to guide children and their families with an encouraging, accepting, and fun nature.

We want children to grow into expressive people, who are better students, employees, siblings, friends, and spouses.

Speech4Kids is very knowledgeable and informative, but more importantly, understanding, patient, and caring about the children and the families they work with!

Elizabeth F.

Speech4Kids is committed to helping children find their voice and embrace who they are.