Receptive and Expressive Language

We use our language skills constantly! Understanding what others say refers to receptive language. Expressive language is sharing our own thoughts and needs. Children may have difficulty with only one of these areas of language, or with both. Their ability to interact with and learn from their environment can be greatly impacted by a delay in language development.

Early Years

At a young age, language disorders can affect a child’s ability to communicate with family and make it very frustrating for them to convey their needs. When children can not communicate effectively with peers at a young age their social development may suffer.

It may be helpful to visit the links below from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for a list of language milestones children are expected to reach in the first few years.

School-Age Years

If your child continues to struggle with language as he’s beginning school, it will likely affect his or her ability to learn. If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing a learning disability or trouble learning due to a language or speech disorder, read about the causes and signs of learning disabilities.

As Hanen certified therapists, our focus is on helping parents learn to expand their child's language naturally.

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