If your son or daughter is experiencing difficulties with speech or language, you might not know the best way to help them grow and thrive. Bringing up a child who is having trouble in school at a young age because of a learning or speech disorder is something that needs an experienced guide.

At Speech4Kids we understand the daily struggles you face and we are here to help.

With therapists trained in many styles of treatments and therapies, we create dynamic plans that not only fit your child’s needs and preferences, but also evolve with your child as he learns and develops. See our targeted solutions below.

We’re a team of highly-skilled and relationship-focused therapists that provide effective and fun speech and language therapy.

Targeted Solutions

Speech Therapy

We promote the development of age-appropriate speech sounds so that your child can be understood.

Language Therapy

We facilitate your child’s ability to understand language and express himself.

Reading Therapy

Our individualized approach will transition your child from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Our treatment plan combines motor planning, language development, and specific family training to help your child become verbal.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

We provide treatment to establish and develop functional and meaningful language for our children on the autism spectrum.

Social Skills Groups

Our social skills groups encourage social thinking to enhance your child’s interaction with peers and family members.

Kelli is always researching and looking up new, creative, and effective ways to adjust her therapy and treatment to best meet the needs our child. Our son is always happy and excited to see her! She is a top-notch speech therapist and we highly recommend her.

Sarah N.

Speech4Kids is committed to helping children find their voice and embrace who they are.